To The Woman

To the woman whose back finds no rest
Checking in men to be mother, your children’s best.
To the woman, who fears the dark
Because your insides housed too many lives
And yet you are without shelter
A mother to children who should be to you siblings.
To the woman
Whose womb has turned graveyard
Burying babies before the first cry
Dreading when the last blood will be seen on the pad.
To the woman whose pillow has turned fertile ground
Nursing demons that haunt at dawn
With streams of tears that should have never flown.
To the woman who cheerfully signed out of life
So she would be mother to children she’d never tuck in bed
Nor have the pleasure of watching them chase after the birds.
And to the woman who signed up for life

Bidding farewell to a child long yearned for
In hope for many that will never replace him or her
Nor the joyous pain that shoots across your chest.
To the woman who can never stop nurturing
Whose heartbeat dread the age
Because when you die, who will understand his nature?
To the woman who will never hear them say, mother
Upon whom they’ll never gaze and spoil with compliments.
To the woman who chose to lose
To cough back the tears on every birthday
So they’ll have the life you weren’t able to give.
To the woman who lives with guilt
Because every cry and giggle send you back to that day
To the day behind the curtains.
To the woman who holds on to the fruit
Of love never asked for
Who sees the face of the thief of her innocence
Each she lifts her child
Each time she finds her breasts.
To the woman whose food
Is seeing the faces of her hungry fed
Whose stomach is the only witness to sleepless nights.
And to the mother
To the hairy chests that are more than father
Whose abandon will never be those of his children.
To all whose stories can never be told
Whose only memories are always so cold.
To the mothers who are given identities for flaws
To you, Happy Mothers’ Day.
For you, I pray
That you’ll find motherhood in the perfect one.
That someday, your identity won’t only lie in how many screams you spew
But ultimately in the only abiding cross of calvary.

Happy Mothers’ Day To all mothers. You can hear a recitation of this here, on soundcloud.



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