Work Your Wardrobe Without The Cost 2

So, in the first part of working your wardrobe without the cost we discussed the all year round good old creativity.

Today, let’s look at our second C *drumroll* contentment. Yup! Another old goodie goodie outlook. See, ladies, we need contentment terribly because let’s face it, we ladies may like buying way pass what guys will ever dream of. Except of course for the exceptions to the rule. Contentment, therefore, comes in very handy. This trick works and if you’re a clothing person too, this is the trick people. Contentment is satisfaction and not just satisfaction but taking pleasure as well. When you have to work with a tight budget or you just want to restrain yourself, you have to start seeing your clothing with new eyes. You have to learn to be satisfied and pleased with what you own. What this means is your jeans, even if it’s just one pair of jeans is enough and not just enough but you are okay that you own that one jeans and that is it enough.


giphy (1)

I agree this hack isn’t going to become a part of us just because we want it. However…however, we can make it a part of us by practice. We can start by intentionally liking our clothing items and by intentionally stopping ourselves, even if it’s in the middle of the mall or Sunday Madina Market and we’re ogling that boot heels we’ve always adored on TV. We can also stop following accounts of online shops on social media if need be, steer conversations with friends away from which new shop just opened and how they got their seamstress to sew the exact replica of this celeb’s top, stop watching out for the latest fashion at church and social events; why, because you aren’t going to get it now or later so why bother? Yes, you get the drill. Satisfaction isn’t going to just come at us. We have to daily decide to be both thankful and glad about what we have and not fret or bother about what we don’t have in our wardrobe. And take it a step further, don’t even put that item in your must-have bucket list. Think about it, how many clothes can you wear in a day?

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Lemme get preachy on you now. Paul in Philippians 4:11-13 and 1 Timothy 6:6-7 puts forward very good arguments for contentment. In Philippians, he says he has learnt in whatever situation to be content —the secret of facing plenty and hunger. So that means broke or no broke, life must be lived. Broke or no broke, clothes must be worn and the secret to this is learning to be satisfied, happy, thankful and pleased with what you have. In 2 Timothy, he says godliness with contentment is great gain. He gives his reason for this in the next sentence saying that we brought nothing into this world and we’ll take nothing out of it. There, you have the raw truth. You won’t have any of these items you crave with you on the deathbed girl. Heavy. I know. But true. You will only have at most one long dress or something like that. So chill, calm down. Be satisfied with what you have and wear it with that joy.


These two hacks should help you start having a clutter free wardrobe. But if you find yourself addicted to just buying and buying and buying…errm…don’t laugh it off, go get a counselor…because sometimes, our desires for some things may just be offshoots of deep seated issues. Then perhaps after, try the whole minimalist thing but don’t get too deep and legalistic about it either…lol. PS: I’m not a minimalist koraa. Alright, let’s go enjoy our wardrobes without the cost.
Be. Creative. Be. Content.

A young woman in a summer dress with her arms outstretched, celebrating freedom.

©M’afua 2017❣

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