To The Woman

For you, I pray
That you’ll find motherhood in the perfect one.
That someday, your identity won’t only lie in how many screams you spew

Is God Good?

Was I still going to credit God as good despite the hopelessness I feel and his somewhat silence on issues I think are so pressing I need his clear leading

Work Your Wardrobe Without The Cost 2

When you have to work with a tight budget or you just want to restrain yourself, you have to start seeing your clothing with new eyes. You have to learn to be satisfied and pleased with what you own.

Home or Away

Walk to the window. Lift the curtains. Look outside. Pay attention. And pretend

Travel and See II

Now, what I’ll call the biggest lesson came packaged in two strange ways – food and a wedding. You know how they say God works in mysterious ways. I believe He does. I mean of all the things and places I could learn change, food and a wedding would never actually be my go to.

Travel and See

…visiting isn’t that scary afterall. It may be overrated even.

If Women Were Cars

Who knows the analogy of ladies being cars that guys want to test before the ring is on the finger?